Cool water Cones

A new generation of Vaginal Dilators


This product is intended as a self help device.


Information for doctors:


We are sure you will agree that this is a far superior product to previously available dilators.



There are NO chemicals used in the structure or manufacturing of Cool Water Cones.


They are composed of a blend of hydrocolloids with GRAS food direct consumption status. 


All ingredients in Cool Water Cones are FDA approved and made with 100% all-natural ingredients.


The cone manufacturing process involves enough heat to make the product bacteria free when placed in its vacuum sealed packaging. This assures a more sanitary product when delivered to your patients.


Cool Water Cones are self-lubricating. No additional lubrication is recommended.  Activate lubrication with tap water. The cone becomes extremely slippery while remaining chemical free .


Patients comfort will be increased due to the cool gel like structure of the dilator.


Care must be taken (as indicated on the labels) for the following:

Do no expose to temperatures over 140F

Do not freeze.

Do not microwave.

 Any of the above can cause adverse effects to the Cones gel structure. As well as burn to the patients healing  tissue.


 Cool Water Cones are over 90% water.  As a result the cone will experience normal evaporation if left unsealed.


*It is to be noted that the Cool Water Cones shelf-life can be extended by two weeks after its initial use. Wash used cone with warm water after each use,  No soap. Then store in a sealed plastic bag and place in refrigeration until next application.



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