Run the Cone under cool tap water to activate the self-lubrication. Once you are comfortable with the use of your Cone, you may try using during your shower. The water during your shower will be enough to activate lubrication. Be careful during your shower as your Cone will become quite slippery when lubricated.

Do not add any additional lubricants to your Cone. This adds unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals to your body.  Your Cool Water Cone is chemical-free, organic, all-natural and contains over 90% water. It is made to help cool and soothe your delicate, healing tissue. The addition of extra lubricant may irritate the vaginal tissue and cause painful inflammation rather than promote healing.

To insert the Cone, lie on your back with your knees apart. Alternatively, you may stand with one foot raised onto the side of a bathtub or low bench.

Gently press the small end of the Cone into your vagina. Slide the Cone gently towards your tailbone, similar to inserting a tampon. The soft, yet firm, texture of the Cone and the self-lubrication should allow for gentle contouring to your recovering area. Do not use force to insert the Cone. The Cone should slide comfortably into your vagina. If it is difficult to insert, try relaxing your stomach and pelvic muscles. Take several slow deep breathes. This should not cause you great discomfort. If you are still unable to insert the Cone, then contact your physician or nurse for assistance.

Once the Cone is in place, gently, yet firmly, apply pressure with your hand.  Hold in place for as long as is comfortable. When ready, gently slide the Cone out. Your first few uses may only last for 15 -20 seconds. As your comfort level and tolerance increases, you may leave the Cone in place for as long as is comfortable and soothing.

After you have become comfortable with your Cone, your doctor may recommend an increase in Cone size and some muscle exercises to help strengthen your vaginal walls.

Wash your Cone with warm water after each use. DO NOT USE SOAP, as this may introduce unwanted chemicals and cause tissue irritation. After rinsing, seal in plastic bag and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.  The cone may be reused up for up to 2 weeks if properly washed and stored after each use.



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